Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa



BECSA encourages and facilitates learning in our pursuit of growth in the South Africa blockchain industry.


Encouraging collaboration and networking in order to foster sharing and inclusion within South Africa.


BECSA strives to provide a support system for the creation and execution of business ideas and innovation.


BECSA , in partnership with Festive Collective, aims to encourage social responsibility in the Blockchain space.


Formed in March 2018, the Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa (BECSA) serves as a destination for those interested in learning about all things blockchain related; from DLTs, to Hyperledger, to cryptocurrency. This is a space for individuals from different backgrounds, who would like to learn about blockchain and be a part of growing the South African blockchain industry. Meetups will be organised in different cities where you can meet, network and share business ideas with likeminded individuals and entrepeneurs. We can’t ignore the underlying technology that is changing the world as we know it. All are welcome, no matter where you are in the space currently so please feel free to invite your friends to this group.

“Disruptive innovation is entrepreneurs changing their industry with unique creativity.”

Onyi Anyado

Networking Events

The BECSA networking events offer an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and innovators looking to learn and discuss blockchain technology.

Our networking events often include talks by industry leaders sharing their thoughts on blockchain technology.

With attention to developing the South African blockchain community, we are focused on creating collaborative and engaging events.

Dinner with Disruptors

The Dinner with Disruptors series brings together innovators and entrepreneurs who are passionate about discussing disruptive technology.

Each event is focused on a different theme of discussion

Focus points encourage focused and innovative discussions

Established Industry Disruptors Are Invited as Guests

Think Tank Sessions

The BECSA Think Tank events bring innovative minds together in a think tank session focused on developing blockchain solutions

Strategic sessions enable you to evaluate whether your business can or needs to leverage blockchain technology

Let us build a business strategy to ensure your business is prepared for any disruptions posed by blockchain technology.


Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa
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Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa
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Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa

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