Aatish Ramkaran | #DecentralisedDiscussion

We are very excited to introduce a new discussion series we are launching, called “Decentralised Discussions”. We will have a Live Interview with entrepreneurs and leaders in the blockchain space once a week through the Blink Facebook page. 

Make sure you head over there and give us a like so you can listen to our discussions and ask questions as we chat! All of our Decentralised Discussions will also be available to view on the Blink Facebook page. 

We are going to kick off our first Decentralised Discussion by chatting with one of the co-founders of the Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa, who also happens to be a Digital Architect at Nedbank.  

Aatish Ramkaran is a well known expert and speaker in the South African blockchain space. Some of you may have been lucky enough to hear him speak at a variety of blockchain conferences this year.   Make sure you join us on the 9th July for this discussion on on blockchain tech.