Blink offers in-class training, online training and webinars. The courses range from blockchain for beginners to blockchain for your business. At your request we can also design specific training content for you, such as cryptocurrency mining. Our trainers are available to provide specialised training at your company offices, or we can organise a fully facilitated custom course at one of Blink’s training locations.



Blink’s team of highly experienced directors would love to assist you on your company’s blockchain journey. Blink’s has a diverse team which provides our client with the benefit of a broader range of advice.  Whether it is identify and develop your blockchain strategy, or to discuss a potential of a concept you would like to explore, Blink is here to help guide you.



The Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa (BECSA) is dedicated to blockchain education, growing an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, creating opportunities and encouraging social responsibility in South Africa. BECSA plans to achieve this by making key strategic partnerships and holding networking event to promote autonomy in the South African blockcahain community.



Aatish is a veteran solution architect who’s often been described as ‘contagiously passionate’. He thrives on discovering innovative solutions to complex problems and has been integrating and enhancing financial services for nearly a decade. He architects FinTech solutions, using a combination of Agile, Design Thinking and Lean principles for delivery. He’s an active blockchain and cryptocurrency researcher who often presents at conferences and participates in panels focusing on this field. He is dedicated to demystifying the inner workings of technology and dispelling jargon to improve accessibility and understanding.

Melina Mutambaie Katende

Melina Mutambaie

Melina is an eccentric I.T professional with a deep passion for technology and commerce. She strives to find innovative solutions to solve pertinent problems on the African continent. Melina has worked as an I.T. Business analyst for several years and is well versed in the electronic payment and collections space. She has worked on extensive projects in African remittance systems, import and export and enterprise resource planning. She holds a BCom degree in I.T Management and BCom Honours in Informatics and is continuing to further her education doing a Masters specialising in Blockchain and I.T Governance.


Born in Durban, South Africa, Gareth is a Chartered Accountant with over 6 years of experience in finance, strategy, risk, external auditing and compliance. He gained valuable international exposure whilst living and working in New York City. Gareth recently decided to follow his passion for emerging and disruptive technology and is currently employed as a Blockchain Strategist at Deloitte South Africa. In March 2018, he founded the Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa (BECSA) fulfilling his commitment to technological education, networking, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.


Alexa is a blockchain researcher and data scientist who has been working with data architecture for over 5 years. She has been passionate about blockchain technology since 2016 and has since become a blockchain researcher and educator in the space. Her strong background in mathematics and information technology, as well as certifications from Oxford Said business school in developing blockchain strategies and fintech strategies, all contribute to her knowledge in blockchain technology. She is one of the course creators of the Blink training courses and coordinates our Cape Town events.



Paresh has spent his career specialising in fintech, primarily in front office trading, working for global, tier-one investment banks. Entrenched within the digital forefront, he is currently the blockchain strategist for Standard Bank based in South Africa and also the Chairman of Technology for the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium. He thrives on driving blockchain initiatives and communities across the country – and is heavily embedded within the entrepreneurship and technology start-up sectors.




Lisa is passionate about impact and innovation. In 2013, she obtained an MSc Economics from the University of Siena in Italy after being awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. In 2014 she joined the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) as South Africa’s Regional Chapter Coordinator, currently as Programme Associate. Since then she has worked to strengthen the local entrepreneurship ecosystem through numerous convenings, speaking roles and research. In 2017 she founded Festive Collective, a social awareness campaign that raises support for impact heroes by encouraging people to #partywithapurpose.